Email bomber without own mail

Email bomber are widely used to prank friends and target email addresses. The difficulty with this is that you will have to use your own email address for the email bomber, making it easy for the target to discover you.

However, while using the email bomber tool we’ll look at today, you don’t have to use your own email account, which means your target won’t be able to find you. You do not need to know how to use Linux to utilize this mail bomber program, but there is another website where you can run email bomber without utilizing Linux or Termux.

Email bomber Tested on

This tool has been verified to work properly on all of the following devices.

TermuxRoot Required
iPad osYes
mac osYes
Parrot Sec OSYes
Kali NethunterYes
Alpine LinuxYes


  1. Unlimited Free Usage
  2. Cross Platform
  3. Supports latest Android
  4. Actively maintained

Use Email bomber tool to Linux

Step 1: To begin, download this utility onto your Linux device by typing the following command into your terminal.

					git clone
Email bomber without own mail
Output for downloading the mil bommber tool

Step 2: After downloading, enter the following command in your terminal to convert your directory to the email-nuker folder.

					cd email-nuker

Step 3: Now, using python3, execute the python file When started, the program will prompt you for the destination email address.

Email bomber without own mail
Output for executing the emil bomber tool

Step 4: After entering your target mail address, input a topic, message, and a number of messages before clicking the enter button.

Email bomber without own mail
Output for sending the emil to victim
Email bomber without own mail
Output for email bomber sending mail


I know that many individuals had a common problem that was caused by the number of users, because there were less users, less strain on the server, and more Google accounts available at the start.

With more users, the bombing per email ID ratio increased to the point that Google disabled many of the bomber’s gmail accounts.

As a result, Google won’t allow me establish email accounts without a phone number; otherwise, they’ll be banned (if all the accounts are related) or terminated.

There is also an SMTP restriction established by Gmail (500 emails per day), beyond which emails are not sent and Google considers the account to be fraudulent.

Mail bomber with an online tool

If you are unfamiliar with Termux and Linux, you may access this utility on the internet by clicking the icon below.

The terminal on the website will open when you click the button above. You may fill in your target email address and send messages to it.

How to prevent mail bombing?

Mail bombers cannot be avoided in advance, but you may protect yourself by moving or banning them to the spam folder when they come.

I hope you found this information useful, and do share it with your friends. And if you have any questions regarding this topic, please contact me using the command section.

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