How to install Tor Browser on Linux

Kali Linux is a popular operating system for penetration testing and digital forensics. It comes with a wide range of tools that can be used for various security testing purposes. One such tool is Tor, which is a free and open-source software that allows users to browse the internet anonymously.

Tor, short for The Onion Router, is a free and open-source web browser that allows users to browse the internet anonymously. It works by routing your internet traffic through a network of volunteer-operated servers, known as nodes, which encrypts and relays your data multiple times, making it extremely difficult to trace back to your original IP address.

Why Use Tor Browser

With the increasing concerns about online privacy and security, many internet users are turning to the Tor browser for a safer and more private browsing experience. But what exactly is Tor and why should you use it?

Enhanced Privacy: One of the main reasons why people use Tor is to protect their online privacy. By bouncing your internet traffic through multiple nodes, Tor makes it nearly impossible for anyone to track your online activities, including your internet service provider, government agencies, and even malicious hackers.

Anonymity: Tor provides a high level of anonymity by masking your IP address. This means that websites and online services you visit won’t be able to identify your location or track your browsing habits. Whether you’re concerned about targeted advertising or simply want to keep your online activities private, Tor can help you achieve that.

Access to Blocked Content: Another advantage of using Tor is the ability to access blocked or censored content. In some countries, certain websites and online services may be restricted or blocked by the government. Tor allows you to bypass these restrictions and access the content you want without leaving any trace.

Protection Against Tracking: Online tracking has become a major concern for internet users. Websites and online services often track your browsing habits, collect your personal information, and use it for targeted advertising. Tor helps protect against such tracking by preventing websites from identifying you and your online activities.

Secure Communication: Tor not only protects your privacy and anonymity while browsing the web but also provides a secure platform for communication. It allows you to send and receive messages, emails, and other forms of communication without the risk of interception or surveillance.

Install Tor browser in Linux

Step 1: Update and Upgrade

Before installing Tor Browser, it is recommended to update and upgrade your Kali Linux system. Open the terminal and run the following commands:

					sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Step 2: Install Tor Browser

Next, you need to download the Tor Browser package. Open the terminal and run the following command:

					sudo apt install tor torbrowser-launcher
How to install Tor Browser on Linux
Output for installing the tor browser in linux

Step 3: Run Tor Browser

After completing the installetion click the kali-Linux logo on the left said corner and type “tor” on the search bar

How to install Tor Browser on Linux
Output for finding the tor browser in linux

Step 4: Connect to Tor Network

Once the Tor Browser starts, it will automatically connect to the Tor network. You can now browse the internet anonymously using Tor Browser in Kali Linux.

Installing Tor Browser in Kali Linux is a straightforward process that can be done using the terminal. By following the steps mentioned in this guide, you can enjoy anonymous browsing and enhance your privacy and security while using Kali Linux.

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