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Cloud is the best alternative to Ngrok

cloud is a bash script that can be used on termux and Linux. Usually, we used to use the ngrok tool to expose our localhost but now all browsers mark the ngrok link as a danger so no one opens the link we send.

So in this post, we are going to look at the local host exposed tool that can be an alternative to the ngrok tool, this tool is the best alternative to the ngrok tool.

Use cloud tool in termux

Step 1: First, type the below command in your termux terminal to download the cloud tool into your termux application.

					git clone https://github.com/princekrvert/cloud.git
Cloud is the best alternative to Ngrok
Output for downloading the cloud tool on termux

Step 2: Now change your directory to Local host exposed tool so execute the following command on your termux terminal

					cd cloud
Cloud is the best alternative to Ngrok
Output for changing the directory

Step 3: After changing your directory execute the below command in your termux terminal and install this localhost exposed tool.

					bash cloud.sh
Cloud is the best alternative to Ngrok
Output for executing the cloud tool

Step 4: After downloading the cloudflare package for you paste your localhost link and press enter button, after doing that you will get a link and if you send that link to your target it will work 100% without any danger indication.

Cloud is the best alternative to Ngrok
Output for getting the cloud url

Use cloud tool on Linux

The process for installing and using this utility in termux is the same as for linux, therefore follow the same four steps as for termux.

git clone ( package link)Download the tool
cd cloudChange the directory
bash cloud.shExecute the cloud tool

I hope this post is very useful for those who are using ngrok and please share this post with your friends, if you have any doubt about this post ask me through the below command section.


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