lazyaircrack Automated tool for WiFi hacking

This post will discuss the utility lazyaircrack, which can be used to hack wifi passwords and create a wifi jammer. It was created purely using shell programs.

The tool’s primary objective is to automate wifi attacks. It is an automated Aircrack-ng bash script. The four-way handshake can be broken, allowing network access.

BSSID: The access point or router is recognized specifically by the basic service set identifiers because it has an address that establishes the wireless network.

CHANNEL: Wi-Fi data is transmitted and received on a specific frequency, or channel, because it is digital.

Install lazyaircrack tool on linux

To use this utility, first, download it using the git command in your terminal, then change your directory to the lazyaircrack folder, and last run the bash script.

					~ ❯❯❯ git clone

~ ❯❯❯ cd lazyaircrack

~/lazyaircrack ❯❯❯ chmod +x

~/lazyaircrack ❯❯❯ sudo bash

Wifi Hacking: Get a list of all the nearby wireless traffic, choose the victim, then use a handshake packet to crack the password. Rockyou.txt from Linux is the default wordlist for cracking passwords; remember to replace it with your customized dictionary according to the target, or feel free to stick with the default.

There must be at least one active wifi user in order to shake hands. By default, the script searches for the handshake packet every 20 seconds and waits 2 minutes for it to arrive. By changing the value of the variable “handshakeWait” at line number 10 in the script, you may adjust the waiting period.

If the password cannot be found in the default wordlist, consider using a custom wordlist. You can create a wordlist using programs like crunch and cupp.

lazyaircrack Automated tool for WiFi hacking
Output for executing the lazyaircrck

Wifi Jammer: By continuously delivering de-authentication packets, it causes a denial of service (DoS) issue against any WiFi router, disrupting connections for any users who are connected to it.

lazyaircrack Automated tool for WiFi hacking
Output for executing the wifi jammer module

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