pyphisher is the best phishing tool

Pyphisher is an open-source Python script available on GitHub that enables users to conduct phishing attacks on websites. It provides a convenient way for users to test their own security measures and raise awareness of the dangers of phishing.


  1. Multi platform (Supports most linux)
  2. Easy to use
  3. Possible error diagnoser
  4. 77 Website templates
  5. Concurrent 4 tunneling (Ngrok, Cloudflared, Loclx and LocalHostRun)
  6. Upto 8 links for phishing
  7. OTP Support
  8. Argument support
  9. Credentials mailing
  10. Built-in masking of URL
  11. Custom masking of URL
  12. URL Shadowing
  13. Redirection URL settings
  14. Portable file (Can be run from any directory)
  15. Get IP Address and many other details along with login credentials

Install and use Pyphisher tool on termux

Installing this tool in Termux is very simple, however, I will tell you how to install it without any errors.

Step 1: Install Dependencies

Pyphisher has some dependencies that need to be installed. To install them, run the following command

					apt install python3-pip
pip install requests
pip install rich
pip install beautifulsoup4
pkg install PHP
pkg install SSH

Step 2: Clone The Repository

Now that Dependencies is installed, use the following command to clone the PyPhisher repository

					git clone
pyphisher is the best phishing tool
Output for downloding the pyphisher tool

Step 2: Change the directory

Change your current working directory to the PyPhisher folder using the following command

					cd PyPhisher
pyphisher is the best phishing tool
Output for changing the directory

Step 4: Run the Tool

You can now run PyPhisher. Use the following command

pyphisher is the best phishing tool
Output for execute the tool

After running the pyphisher tool, we can see 77 phishing templates, and we can select the phishing template we want by typing its number and pressing the enter button.

pyphisher is the best phishing tool
Output for choosing the phishing templates

After selecting the phishing template, select the following options as per our requirements.

Do you want OTP page (Y/N)?Just type Y or N
Enter Shdow URLType the website link that your victim likes.
Enter redirection URLType the original website link of your chosen phishing template.

After completing the options given above, a phishing link will be generated for you.

pyphisher is the best phishing tool
Output for getting the phishing url

After creating the phishing link you need to send it to your target, once your target clicks on the link you sent and type username and password it will appear in your termux.

pyphisher is the best phishing tool
Output for getting victim detailes

That’s it, you can use all phishing templates using the same procedure.

Thank you for reading this post, if you have any doubts about this post you can ask me through the command section given below.

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