Termux wifi password stealer script

Termux wifi pssword stealer – In this post, we will see how to steal a wifi password using termux. If it is possible to attack wifi by packet injection method using termux, it is definitely not possible so we will use the phishing method.

It is very difficult to find passwords using this phishing method in termux because our victims will not type usernames and passwords easily. This is how you can use deauthentication method in Linux to make the victim type username password easily, I have post all the wifi tutorials for Linux, you can go to the wifi section.

Install termux wifi password stealer

The name of the Termux wifi password stealer tool is WiFishing. Installing and using this tool is not very easy, however, let’s see how to install it easily without any errors.

Step 1: Clone The repository

Open Termux and run the following command to clone the WiFishing repository from GitHub

					git clone https://github.com/Err0r-ICA/WiFishing.git
Termux wifi password stealer script
Output for downloading the wifi password steler tool

Step 2: Navigate the directory

Change the current directory to the WiFishing directory using the following command

					cd WiFishing
Termux wifi password stealer script
Output for chnging the directory

Step 3: Install Dependencies

The termux wifi password stealer requires some dependencies to be installed before it can be used. Run the following command to install the necessary dependencies

					pkg install php

Step 4: Eexecute the tool on local server

WiFishing uses a local web server to host the phishing page. Start a local web server on your device using the following command

					php -S localhost:8080
Termux wifi password stealer script
Output for hosting the tool on localhost

Step 5: Setup cloudflare

Cloudflare is a tool that allows you to expose a local server behind a NAT or firewall to the internet. It will generate a public URL that you can use to access your local web server from anywhere. Follow these steps to set up Cloudflared

First, you need to open a new terminal in your termux, then install Cloudflare and type the below command in your termux.

					pkg install cloudflared

After installing Cloudflare you can type the command given below and collect the phishing link.

					cloudflare tunnel --url loclhost:8080
Termux wifi password stealer script
Output for getting the cloudflare link

After running this command, cloudflare will generate a public URL that you can use to access your local web server.

With the local web server and cloudflare set up, you are now ready to start phishing. Share the cloudflare-generated URL with the target device, and when the user visits the URL, their Wi-Fi credentials will be captured and stored in the WiFishing tool.

Output for victim view

Thank you very much for reading this post and if you have any doubts about this post you can ask me through below command section.

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