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Zphisher – A Powerful Phishing Tool for Termux

Phishing is a well-known technique used by hackers to deceive individuals and gain unauthorized access to their personal information. While phishing attacks can be devastating, there are also tools available that allow security professionals to test their systems and educate users about the dangers of phishing.

In this blog post, we will explore Zphisher, a powerful phishing tool specifically designed for Termux, a popular terminal emulator and Linux environment for Android devices.

What is Zphisher?

Zphisher is an advanced phishing tool that allows security professionals to create and automate phishing attacks in an easy and efficient manner. It provides a wide range of phishing pages and methods to choose from, making it a versatile tool for various scenarios.

Features of Zphisher

Zphisher offers several notable features that make it an excellent choice for phishing assessments:

Multiple Phishing Pages: Zphisher provides a wide variety of phishing pages, including popular social media platforms, email login pages, and banking websites. These pages are designed to closely mimic the original websites, making it difficult for victims to spot the deception.

Customizable Templates: Users can customize the phishing pages according to their requirements, allowing them to create personalized attacks that are more likely to succeed.

Automated Redirection: Zphisher automatically redirects victims to the original website after they enter their credentials, reducing suspicion and increasing the success rate of the attack.

Keylogger Functionality: Zphisher includes a keylogger that records the keystrokes of victims, providing hackers with valuable information such as passwords and other sensitive data.

Installation and Usage

Installing Zphisher is a straightforward process. Simply follow these steps:

Step 1: To begin, we must download the “Zphisher” utility, therefore enter the following command into your termux terminal.

					git clone https://github.com/htr-tech/zphisher
Zphisher – A Powerful Phishing Tool for Termux
Output for downloading the zphisher tool on termux

Step 2: Now change the directory with “cd” command

					cd zphisher

Step 3: To execute the zphisher utility on your terminal, use the following command. Your internet speed will determine how long it takes to do this.

					bash zphisher.sh
Zphisher – A Powerful Phishing Tool for Termux
Output for installing the zphisher tool

Once installed, you can start using Zphisher by following the instructions provided by the tool. It is important to note that Zphisher should only be used for educational and security testing purposes. Unauthorized use is illegal and unethical.

Step 4: Choose the template number of the social media account you wish to hack.

Zphisher – A Powerful Phishing Tool for Termux
Output for selecting the phishing template

Step 5: Select the port forwarding option after you’ve chosen the template. I only recommend cloudflared since it is error-free and works regardless of how far the destination is away.

Zphisher – A Powerful Phishing Tool for Termux
Output for getting phishing link

After getting the phishing URL that you can use to share with your target audience. It is important to note that you should only target individuals who have given you permission to perform the phishing attack.

Zphisher – A Powerful Phishing Tool for Termux
Output for getting victim information

Ensuring Safety and Ethical Use

While using this tool, it is crucial to ensure the safety and ethical use of the tool. Here are a few guidelines to follow:

  • Obtain proper authorization before conducting any phishing attacks.
  • Only target individuals who have given you permission to perform the attack.
  • Do not use Zphisher for any illegal or unethical activities.
  • Use the tool as an educational resource to raise awareness about phishing attacks and online security.


Zphisher is a powerful phishing tool that can be used by security professionals to assess and strengthen the security of their systems. By understanding how phishing attacks work and the techniques used by hackers, organizations can better protect themselves and educate their employees about the importance of staying vigilant online.

Remember, knowledge is power, and by staying informed about the latest cybersecurity threats and tools, we can all play a role in creating a safer digital environment.


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