How to install Setoolkit on Linux and Termux

Install setoolkit is very simple and using this tool is also very easy so many people like to use this tool.

The setoolkit is specifically designed to perform advanced attacks against the human element.When a social engineering attack is performed, the weakest link in the chain is not the computer system, the firewall, services or apps. It’s us, the humans behind those technologies.

Install setoolkit on Termux

Install setoolkit on Termux is very easy but your Termux app must have root privilege only then you can use this tool in Termux.


  1. An android device with android version 5.0 and above.
  2. Termux application
  3. Internet

Step 1: First, you need to update your Termux tool completely then execute the below command in your Termux terminal.

					apt update && apt upgrade

Step 2: After updating the Termux application you need to install the complete Python package because the Python package is very important for install Setoolkit. so execute the below command on your termux.

					pkg install python
pkg install python2
apt install python2 python python-dev python2-dev wget tar termux-exec

Step 3: Now execute the below command to download the setoolkit package on your termux application.

					git clone

Step 4: Now change your directory to your setoolkitinstaller folder and give this tool read and write permission. so type the below commnd one by one

					cd setoolkitinstaller
chmod +x

Step 5: Now execute the command below to instll setoolkit on your termux application.

How to install Setoolkit on Linux and Termux
Output for completeing the installetion

Step 6: After completing installation you can use this tool in the Termux application with the below command.

How to install Setoolkit on Linux and Termux
Output for executing the setoolkit tool on termux

This is the best and easiest way to install setoolkit tool in the Termux application and as I already said this tool works only on rooted Termux.

Install setoolkit on Linux

Because this program is pre-installed in Linux, you do not need to install it; however, if your Linux does not have this utility, you may install it by following the steps below.

You can install this setoolkit tool on your Linux by typing the below command one by one and entering.

					git clone setoolkit/
cd setoolkit
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

I hope you find this post very useful and if you have any queries regarding this post you can ask me through below command section.

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