PhoneInfoga – advanced tool to scan phone numbers

Are you looking for a powerful tool to gather information about phone numbers? Look no further! PhoneInfoga is the perfect tool for you. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of installing and using Phone Infoga on Termux.

What is PhoneInfoga?

PhoneInfoga is one of the most sophisticated tools for scanning phone numbers that uses only free resources. The purpose is to collect standard information such as country, area, carrier, and line type on any international phone number with high accuracy. Then, using search engines, look for footprints to try to locate the VoIP provider or identify the owner.

Install PhoneInfoga on Termux

Step 1: Update and Upgrade Packages

Before installing PhoneInfoga, it’s important to update and upgrade the packages in Termux. Open Termux and run the following commands:

					pkg update && pkg upgrade

Step 2: Clone the Repository

Next, clone the Phone Infoga repository from GitHub. Run the following command:

					git clone
PhoneInfoga – advanced tool to scan phone numbers
Output for downloading the phoneinfoga tool on termux

Step 3: Navigate to the Directory

Change your current directory to the Phone Infoga directory by running the following command:

					cd PhoneInfoga
PhoneInfoga – advanced tool to scan phone numbers
Output for changing the directory

Step 4: Install The Tool

Now, it’s time to install PhoneInfoga. Run the following command:

PhoneInfoga – advanced tool to scan phone numbers
Output for complete the installetion

Step 5: Run The Tool

You’re all set! You can now run Phone Infoga by executing the following command:

cd phoneinfoga
PhoneInfoga – advanced tool to scan phone numbers
Output for installd the phoneinfoga tool

Step 6: Start The Tool

Run the following command to start Phone Infoga:

					python -n [phone_number]

Replace [phone_number] with the phone number you want to gather information about.

Phone Infoga will start gathering information about the phone number. The process may take some time depending on the availability of information.

Once the process is complete, PhoneInfoga will display the gathered information on your screen.

PhoneInfoga – advanced tool to scan phone numbers
Output for gethering the phone number information


  • Check if phone number exists and is possible
  • Gather standard informations such as country, line type and carrier
  • OSINT footprinting using external APIs, Google Hacking, phone books & search engines
  • Check for reputation reports, social media, disposable numbers and more
  • Scan several numbers at once
  • Use custom formatting for more effective OSINT reconnaissance
  • Automatic footprinting on several custom formats
Output for phoneinfoga scanning flowchat

Phone Infoga is a powerful tool that allows you to gather information about phone numbers. By following the steps mentioned in this blog post, you can easily install and use PhoneInfoga on Termux. Remember to use this tool responsibly and respect the privacy of others.

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