How to hide text in an image?

Hide text in an image is very simple, this is called steganography, usually we write down the password in a note pade or note book, because we do this, there is a risk of someone else seeing it, so using this method of steganography, we can hide your password in an image.

What is steganography?

Steganography is a method of concealing data behind the scenes. It is not the same as cryptography, which focuses on encrypting data using various techniques such as MD5, SHA1, and so on. To prevent attraction, steganography focuses on hiding data, which can be a file, picture, message, or video, within another file, image, message, or video.

What good is steganography?

Steganography may be used to obscure information in a variety of ways. The most popular way is to embed data into digital photographs. We are all aware that digital photographs, such as JPEGs, contain many gigabytes of data in the form of pixels. This enables for the inclusion of steganographic information into the digital file.

Use comment prompt to hide text in a jpg image (Termux)

Step 1: First you need to type the pssword or something you want to hide in a txt file and save it and choose the one you want to hide the txt file you created in this image, now move both of these to the termux root directory.

How to hide text in an image?
Output for moving tex file and image file to termux

Step 2: We now need to install the steganography tool in our termux program, so run the following command in your termux and press enter.

					pkg install steghide
How to hide text in an image?
Output for installing the stagehide tool

Step 3: Now executing the below command on your termux terminal to hide text file into image file.

					steghide embed -cf (image file) -ef (txt file)
How to hide text in an image?
Output for executing the hideing command

Step 4: Now we need to input the password, remember the password you input because the password is necessary if you want to see the hidden text file again.

How to hide text in an image?
Output for inputing the password

That’s it successfully hide text file into image

How to hide text in an image?
Output for hiding text file to image

How to extract hidden text files?

To extract the secret text file, execute the following comment in the terminal.

					steghide extract -sf (image name )
How to hide text in an image?
Output for choosing the exracting the image

Now you have to enter the password you entered while hiding the text file.

Output for extracting the hiden file

That’s it I hope this post is very useful for you and please share this post with your friends if you have any doubt about this post ask me through the command section.

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