How to Sniff the 5GHz Frequency on Airodump-ng

Learn how to sniff the 5GHz frequency on Airodump-ng, a powerful tool for wireless packet capturing and network monitoring. Follow these steps to capture packets on the 5GHz frequency and gather valuable insights about the wireless networks in your vicinity.

How to Change Wireless Modes to Monitor Mode on Linux

Learn how to change wireless modes to monitor mode on Linux and capture wireless traffic for network monitoring and security analysis. Follow our step-by-step guide to switch your wireless interface to monitor mode.

How to Change MAC Address on Linux

Learn how to change MAC address on your Linux system with this step-by-step guide. Troubleshoot network issues or protect your privacy by following these simple commands.

lazyaircrack Automated tool for WiFi hacking

This post will discuss the utility lazyaircrack, which can be used to hack wifi passwords and create a wifi jammer. It was created purely using shell programs.

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